Privacy Policies

We go far and beyond to secure sensitive data of our users to keep private things private. That is why we have established ironclad Privacy Policies and leave no stones unturned to apply the undertakings.

Personal data safety is essential to us, and these rules are aimed to describe and explain what types of technical and unattributed data our Site collects, how we manage them and what measures are taken to secure the received info.

Registration Procedure

In order to enter our community, you need to create an account. This procedure calls for establishing certain username, email address, and password. All account details remain private on our site; you should keep them in secret, too. Mind that any person who knows your login info can make amendments to your profile details without your knowledge.

You are free to provide additional biographical information in different areas of our Site, in messages, comments, etc. How much details to share is at your sole discretion; however, we strongly advise to evaluate the records you publish. We decline any responsibility for the consequences of misuse of your sensitive data. No one can control the ways of using shared information, so any data disclosure is your own responsibility.

You can also take advantage of “tell a friend” feature: enter the email of your acquaintance, and we will send this person an invitation letter. We neither save such addresses nor share them with third parties. We reserve the right to gather supplementary data if you take part in different activities and events offered by our Service.

Email Messaging

Our users and we are engaged in communication via email, news published on the Site and sent on a regular basis to our subscribers. They receive welcome letters, notifications of important changes in the policies of the site or essential news, answers to user’s comments, etc. There is a possibility that the received email will contain single-pixel GIFs or other technology of the same method that allows us to check how many times our letters were viewed.

In case your profile contains details that are aligned with the services provided by our sponsors, you may get notification letters from the third-party sponsors of NewsClaimer. How these organizations utilize your personal information is outside of our control and is predetermined by the Privacy Policies of the site or service you use.

By default, you are opt-in to get our notifications. If you are not interested in them, you can unsubscribe any time – every newsletter offers corresponding tools. You will still be the member of our community; however, you will not receive our updates or promotion notifications. Yet, you will receive notifications related to your membership. If you want to opt out from them, complete elimination of your account is required. If there is any issue with your account or you still receive our emails after closing your account or opting out, contact our administration representative.

Traffic and RSS Data

Like any other site on the Internet, our Site collects certain type of technical data about your domain, time zone, browser type, etc. Statistics data we collect takes into consideration RSS.

Such information helps us to boost the efficiency of our Site and improve the user experience and also to protect the Site from possible online or software issues as well as helps to manage the Site content. Traffic data and statistics are also used for marketing purposes, developing content strategies, and determining future offers.


Our Site uses cookies (small digital files stored on the hard drive of your computers that are created every time you visit certain site) as they boost the performance of the Site and cut the page load time. They also improve the user experience as they customize your future visits making browsing through our Site more convenient to you.

We take advantage of cookie files together with the information from web beacons that signalize each time when our content has been viewed. That helps to get a clear view of the user behavior and find ways to improve the user experience.

Tracking your activity on our Site helps to customize your experience and find out any issues with our servers. According to collaboration agreements, our partners and sponsors can take advantage of customer privacy to create personalized advertisements.

Disabling cookies will have a negative impact on the performance of the sites that use cookies. However, if you want to minimize the amount of gathered technical data, look through the settings of your browser and find the option that disables cookies and web beacons.

Remember that when you delete cookies, a new cookie file will be created the next time you visit the site. The new alert about using cookies will appear every time you visit the site unless you disable the cookies completely.

DART Cookies

We also use Google AdSense advertising as well as DoubleClick advertising, so there is a possibility that on our Site you will be presented with the ads selected basing on your browsing history. At, you can find the guide on how to prohibit access to your browsing history, so DART cookies are not able to use it for targeting.

Mobile Device Identifiers

Accessing our Site via a mobile device will leave digital traces used to identify your gadget. These identifiers may also create files aimed to improve the page load time and the process of logging in. In case you disable this option, some features of the Site won’t work as they should.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Data utilization includes sending you email letters about our services, events or products, as well as notifications about your account. According to the interests depicted in your profile, we will send you offerings of new services that you may find useful.

Information we collect is also used to solve problems with the Site, respond to specific requests of users, enforce our Terms of Service and boost the level of our services, content, and layout.

The possibility of disclosing your personal information can be caused by legal reasons, the need to protect our rights or the rights of third parties, the necessity to guarantee the safety of the public or any person, answer the claims of infringement of author’s right. We have no right to maintain your data in confidence if it is required to stop or prevent illegal activities.

Use and Collection of Information by Third-Parties

Third-parties of the Site (partners, advertisers, agencies, affiliates, sponsors, etc.) may also use cookies and web beacons on the Site. Take into consideration that third-party ads gather information about your online behavior to create more efficient customized advertising for you. Companies that use technical information for their work may collect anonymous information about your traffic and cookies to retarget ads to other websites that you visit.

We may exchange collected data with our partners and sponsors as a part of our co-branded services requirements. We in no way are responsible for the ways how the third parties manage your sensitive data.

Protection of Children Privacy

Minors are neither entitled to register nor to provide profile information at our Service. As soon as we find out that this rule is violated, we terminate such account and erase all related data.

Opting In/Out

The process of opting in/out or changing your user preferences can be managed with the help of changing settings of your account, contacting our administration representative or using instructions given in the footer of our email notifications. Account notifications would be sent even in case you opted out – to unsubscribe you will have to close your account in our Service.

Security Measures

We do our best to guarantee the protection of our users’ personal information. We apply the best appropriate technical, administrative, and physical operations. Still, we disclaim all liabilities for the efficiency of the third-party security tools.

Notification of Changes

Administration of the Site can change the Privacy Policies. All changes come into effect since the time and date of its publishing. We will do our best to inform all our users about important changes in Privacy Policies.